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The South Dakota Network is involved with many projects in the state. The Network believes that it is important to build coordinated relationships statewide to further assist victims of violence and their families.

Training and Technical Assistance: Through a grant from the South Dakota Department of Social Services, the SD Network Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault offers FREE TRAINING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PROSECUTORS on responding to domestic violence and sexual assault cases. These trainings meet the state law requirements.

The training team consists of a law enforcement officer, a prosecutor and a victim advocate. The team provides a 6 hour training on sexual assault and domestic violence issues. The team goes to the local communities and jurisdictions.

If you are interested in having a law enforcement training on domestic violence and/or sexual assault in your community, please Contact Us.

Legal Assistance: A grant from the Office on Violence Against Women allows the SD Network to provide free legal services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. The attorneys are handling civil legal matters such as protection orders, divorce, custody issues, housing and/or employment issues, and immigration issues.

Project partners in this endeavor include:

Dakota Plains Legal Services employs 2 attorneys in Rapid City who are serving the Rapid City, Black Hills, and northwestern areas of the state. They also have one attorney in Pierre, who is serving the central, north central, and south central areas of the South Dakota.

East River Legal Services has 2 attorneys working out of the Sioux Falls area serving the Sioux Falls area and portions of southeastern South Dakota. They also have an attorney in Aberdeen, who will service the northeastern portion of the state.

Lutheran Social Services has an attorney in Sioux Falls, who is focusing on legal issues for battered immigrant victims.

All of the attorneys will travel as needed to serve victims at their locations. Please contact Liz ( if you have any questions about the program.

Rural Outreach Services: Rural outreach services will begin to be offered in many counties in South Dakota where there have not been services for battered women, their children and victims of violence. For more information, please contact the Network office.

Sexual Assault Services: The South Dakota Network in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Health facilitates many sexual assault projects in the state, including sexual assault training for professionals and youth, sexual assault training for law enforcement and prosecutors, sexual assault evaluation projects in conjunction with the University of South Dakota and statewide statistical gather of sexual assault related data. For more information regarding this project, please contact the Network office. The Network works in conjunction with many agencies that provide direct services for victims of sexual assault in South Dakota.

Legislative updates: The Network provides weekly updates during the South Dakota Legislative session for the membership. Federal legislative updates are provided for the membership periodically.

Perspectives Publication: Members receive a quarterly publication from the South Dakota Network which provides educational information about sexual assault and domestic violence.

Supervised Visitation Services: The South Dakota Network provides assistance for the family visitation centers in South Dakota. For more information regarding the family visitation centers, please refer to

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